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IT BackBone
Our Company
The expert staff at I/T BackBone has been supporting home users and small businesses for over 15 years. Our staff has a unique skillset that allows us to engage with users at any level of expertise. These staff members have experience working for companies such as GE, IBM, and Intel and they utilize that knowledge in supporting small companies who just can't justify
a full time Information Technology Department.

Whether you are home user who cannot figure out how to open an attachment, fix speed issues, setup your wireless, etc or a small business owner who needs a reliable network, a website built, software installed, shared drives configured, etc. - we have you covered.

We can manage your I/T needs from cradle to grave, or provide ad-hoc support as needed.
IT BackBone
Infrastructure Design
At IT Backbone, our philosophy for design is always based on historical best practices merged with cutting edge technology and budget. There are countless details involving the layout of the area, computations to determine personnel and equipment capacities, and innumerable other engineering details. These are, of course, essential to the design and creation of any call center, data center, etc. However, the mechanics alone rarely create anything that is useful, except perhaps by chance. There are, in fact, some philosophical guidelines used by IT Backbone that are unmatched. Our industry experts design and build practical infrastructure layouts that are right for your business.

That's why we are your best choice! - We can design and implement your I/T needs from cradle to grave.
IT BackBone
Our Company
One of the challenges of training is deciding who exactly to train in your organization and when to train them.
At I/T BackBone, we believe those answers are everyone - all the time.
Our experts can train you and your staff on everything from a Windows introduction to developing SQL queries.
IT BackBone
Our Company
Sometimes the real value of bringing in an outside I/T consultant is the fresh perspective that a new pair of eyes brings to the table.
At I/T BackBone, our experts can help you solve Software Design, Infrastructure, and even technical business problems that you may be facing.